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What to Do if your Smartphone Falls Into Water?

What to Do if your Smartphone Falls Into Water?

What to Do if your Smartphone Falls Into Water?

Water damage to the smartphone is inevitable and having an IP65 rating does not mean you don’t need to worry about the damage. If you have dropped your smartphone in the pool, toilet, or anywhere else in the water, you don’t need to panic as with a quick response, you can save your device.

What to do if a smartphone fell in the water?

Your smartphone is probably expensive and dropping your phone into water, intentionally or unintentionally, can be devastating. There is no perfect strategy to mitigate the impact of water damage but here are smart things you can do if you dropped a smartphone in the water.

Turn it off ASAP

Users usually panic about this situation and they don’t do the right thing at the right time. The first thing you need to do is to turn the smartphone off. If the battery is removable, take out the battery. For non-removable batteries, simply turn off the device.

Dry the exterior

Don’t turn on the smartphone even after a few hours. Most of the latest smartphones cannot be disassembled so you can dry the exterior only. Use a soft cloth and remove all water droplets from the exterior body of the smartphone.

Try a vacuum cleaner

There are several spots and areas that you cannot reach with a simple piece of cloth. Never blow air into the smartphone to dry water because it will cause more damage. Prefer using the vacuum cleaner to suck the water droplets out. Always use the cleaner at moderate power settings.

Let the smartphone dry naturally

The use of heat is strongly prohibited as extreme heat can damage the sensitive sensors inside the smartphone. The best way to dry the water droplets inside the phone is to place the device in a dry place. Instead of placing in the direct light, simply prefer the room environment. Direct sunlight exposure for too long can also cause damage.

Contact experienced repair shop

All of these DIYs may help to reduce the damage if you were quick enough to take out the device from the water. If your smartphone was soaked into water for a few minutes or hours, you need professional help. Mobile phone repair experts have the right diagnostics tools for precise treatment.

They will carefully disassemble the device to clean different parts and components of the phone. You should not risk the safety of your expensive device by sticking to the DIY hacks and tips. Seek professional help as it is the best thing to do if you dropped the smartphone in the water.

Be Proactive about Smartphone Safety

Even if your phone comes with a water resistance rating, you should not risk your investment. On the other hand, you should not even think about taking your non-water-resistance phone with you in the toilet or pool. There are some water-proof pouches available in the market that you can try.

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