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The Function of Business Analyst for Developing Business

The work of a BA is very important to make a business grow, the function of a business analyst is a vital part of the company. Managing all business-related information and then sending it to company leaders to produce good decisions for the business. All actions to be taken in a company must be based […]Read More

Negative Thinking To Get Solutions

Negative Thinking To Get Solutions Negative thinking here in terms of getting the bad possibilities of anything that can happen when applying a decision. Like yin and yang, all actions and decisions have both good and bad sides, and so do your business decisions. When your plan is ripe and does not think about the […]Read More

Machine Learning in Finance

Machine Learning in Finance It is not impossible if machine learning is applied in various fields and one of them is in finance. An example is JojoExpense. This JojoExpense application was created with the aim of assisting in automatic data collection, preventing financial fraud, increasing productivity and also the ability to have full control over […]Read More

Know the Basic Concepts of Machine Learning Expense

Know the Basic Concepts of Machine Learning Expense Current technological advances do not reduce the possibility of machine learning expense that allows you to work more easily, especially in finance. Machine learning itself is one form of application or implementation of artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence). The implementation has a focus on developing systems that allow […]Read More

Get to know Salesforce CRM more closely, what and how

Get to know Salesforce CRM more closely, what and how Lately, there are certainly many who have begun to hear about technology in the form of salesforce CRM that is widely used by leading companies. However, there are still many who actually do not understand what salesforce is and what is CRM? Are they the […]Read More

Enterprise Resource Planning Full Ease

Enterprise Resource Planning Full Ease So, what actually makes companies and businesses prioritize ERP usage more than others? Well, the most obvious factor for a company using ERP is to be able to optimize all factors of production in it. Noted that more than 80% of companies have used ERP systems as a basis for […]Read More

Enterprise Resource Planning Full Control of the Company

Have you ever heard of enterprise resource planning? ERP is an application that is able to facilitate all matters within the company. Usually, the use of ERP is useful for many things such as making purchases of raw materials, relationships with other companies to manage job desk workers. ERP is the result of the development […]Read More

Elastic Risk Approach Plan Your Business Maturely

Elastic Risk Approach Plan Your Business Maturely The concept of the elastic risk approach is planning of what steps should go forward in order to avoid all losses. Usually, the method applied is what risk will be obtained by changing the price of a product, if instead, it will give a loss because it will […]Read More

Benefits of Salesforce CRM

Benefits of Salesforce CRM Using this application is actually a form to facilitate the work of the company in many ways. Especially when talking about recognizing service and customers. Therefore, this Salesforce CRM application can provide many benefits and uses, including the following: Help improve the quality and management of customer data In a company, […]Read More

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