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Traveling with your pet

Traveling with your pet

Traveling with your pet

Have you listened? You can’t move around a lot with a pet and you can’t even explore the world with them.

What if that is not true? What if there is a way to travel the world with your adorable partner?

Your adventures will become incredible when your pet travels with you at that moment. There are some obstacles to overcome; you have to plan a lot and then you are ready to go.

Plan your trip

When deciding to travel the country with your pet especially dog, keep in mind that the climate in some areas is not ideal for your dogs. Although dogs are highly adaptable, sometimes they will not get used to a different climate for a short period.

Rules and regulations

Once you have planned a good trip, the next step is to see how your pet will travel. Every country has some special rules and regulations on importing a pet to their country.

If you travel to European countries they have a very strict rule, your dog needs a microchip or has proof of the rabies vaccine.

Mode of Traveling

You can travel with your pet in many different ways, by plane, train, boat, car, and on foot. All of these different modes of transportation bring different kinds of challenges with them.

If you are traveling on a plane, most airlines have a regulation regarding the size and weight of the pet.

Unless your pet is a service animal, they cannot travel in the cabin unless your pet can fit an under-seat carrier in front of you with enough room to get up and turn around, but there is an option to transport your pet with extra checked baggage

It’s important to book a flight with the least hours.

If you are traveling through boat than most companies have kennels or catteries on board, your pet will stay in the specified cabin for the whole journey.

Traveling by train is a little easier. Some train companies allow you to carry the pet without any problem; some train companies require that your dog wear a muzzle.

If you are traveling by car, it is the easiest option. You can stop wherever you want and take your pet for a nice walk.

Types of equipment needed for traveling

If you are traveling through a plane, you will need an international airline approved travel crate. You should provide food and water in the crate if your flight is too long.

When you plan to travel to a country with a different climate, different accessories can help your pet get used to the new climate. Warm jackets, coats sweaters for snowy climates and cool down jackets for warmer climates.

Preparations before traveling

Before starting any kind of trip keep in check these things

  • Make sure your pet is in perfect health for travel. Most airlines require a health certificate before boarding.
  • Train your pet for small trips before going on a longer one.
  • Crate train your pet before you really have to use it.
  • Keep your pet’s food with yourself; most countries will not have the same brand that your dog likes most.
  • Feed your pet less before traveling so your pet doesn’t get sick.
  • Give your pet some time to pee and poop before beginning their journey.


Traveling with your pet can be an amazing way of strengthening the bond between you two, as you have to trust and rely on each other.

There is no better feeling than looking at a pet’s face when you encounter something new and exciting like seeing snow for the first time or a hunt that has never been seen before.

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