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The Function of Business Analyst for Developing Business

The Function of Business Analyst for Developing Business

Function of Business Analyst for Developing Business

The work of a Business Analyst (BA) is very important to make a business grow, the function of a business analyst is a vital part of the company. Managing all business-related information and then sending it to company leaders to produce good decisions for the business.

All actions to be taken in a company must be based on research from the Business Analyst first, because the Business Analyst function does provide raw information which will then be rethought to produce a decision.

All possibilities and benefits obtained by the original company from research by BA, when they want to develop a product, BA team participation is also very necessary. Without a good BA team all progress in the business will be very slow or even bad.

The most obvious function of business analysts is that they do an analysis of the interests and appeal of the products that have been marketed. Seeing the response and rejection what happens in the field after the product is marketed, because both responses will always occur when a new product is marketed.

Branding Based on BA Information

Building branding is the most powerful means to increase the turnover rate of a company. Not all companies succeed in branding, because there are many factors that might hinder the progress of branding itself.

To improve the results of branding and the process of business analyst functions will be very helpful. Usually this BA team focuses on the results in the field, because the facts that occur in the field are sufficient sources of information to be able to take further action.

It is important for the BA team to be able to process briefly all the information contained in the field so that it is more easily understood by company leaders and stakeholders. Because some of the information available in the field is sometimes still ambiguous and needs to be rearranged to be able to produce a decision.

One example of a problem in the field that is ambiguous is when the product is defective. Product defects do not mean that all products produced are defective, but only partially or even just the product purchased. The reason could be due when shipping or from storage when displayed.

In order for company leaders to provide efficient solutions, BA must present reports efficiently, so as not to beat around the bush, just provide the gist of the problem. In the case of defective products this means a periodic checking system must continue.

This is intended so that defects in the product can be known, if from production to delivery is still fine then the main cause is the time of storage at the store. For this reason, the production and shipping parts do not need to be repaired, which must be addressed when storage.

The reality of being a BA is not easy because a lot of information processing must be done in his work. Then it must not provide information without seeing the facts that occur in the field, because this can result in losses to the company.

If providing information that is not based on facts, it makes the decision to be taken out of line with the target it should. Of course, the costs incurred will be borne by the company. Therefore, BA work must be done carefully.

What Must You Have To Be A Business Analyst?

To become a reliable Business Analyst must have a variety of special expertise, because in his work the business analyst function is needed by the company. As a result of its very vital functions BA is required to master special skills to optimize its work.

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