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Taking Care of your Puppy

Taking Care of your Puppy

Taking Care of your Puppy

Puppies are cute, adorable but sensitive too. Caring for your new puppy can be challenging, but it is nothing that you should not be able to manage. You will have to learn how to settle your pup from time to time and use the potty pads they give you. However, before you do anything with your new pet, make sure that you are aware of some important rules you need to take care of yourself.

Taking Care of your Puppy

Your new pet should be trained to avoid being a nuisance to you, but it will not be quite easy since you have to have a lot of patience. You can use some training equipment such as rubber dog toys which they will use to chew when they get bored. Make sure that you are the one who directs how they chew their toys, don’t leave them unattended.

Find a Good Vet for Puppies

The first thing that you should do to take care of your new puppy is to find a good vet. Make sure that the vet is well trained and has attended for several years. The vet can help you in finding a good breeder who will give you the best quality dogs.

Feed Your Puppy Properly

Feed your puppy with good quality food from the day that it was born. Do not feed them anything different from what they were given at birth beside the all-natural food they are supposed to eat, avoid giving them other dog foods. It will harm their health as it might contain some harmful chemicals as well as artificial colours and flavours which can cause many allergies to your puppy.

Do Not Let Them Get Bored

You should never allow your puppy to get bored. This is because an idle pup will find ways of entertaining itself and might just get into trouble. To prevent your puppy from getting bored, you can take them for a walk or you can do some training with them to keep them busy.

Training Your Puppy

Training your puppy as early as possible will be a good idea since it will help them to grow up with the right behavioural patterns that are expected in every dog. However, never train your puppies when they are tired since you might end up harming them. Instead, you can start training when they are still young (6 weeks old) and at times when they are still energetic and active.

Watch for Early Signs of Illness

One of the first tips on how to take care of your puppy is to watch for signs of illness. Your puppy will have some symptoms that you can tell if they are healthy or not, for example, when their skin is dry, their eyes are dull and they have no energy, then it means that they are sick.

Learn from your Puppy

Another way how you can take good care of your puppy is by learning from them. Learn from the things that they do and make sure that you emulate them so that they will learn many things at once. For example, if they like eating food then you should encourage it.

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