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Salary Transparency With All Opinions In It

Salary Transparency With All Opinions In It

Each employee must have a different amount of salary in accordance with the position and length of work in the company. Salary transparency is often a subject of discourse in his spare time at the company, the amount of salary can be a motivation or a source of problems because of envy and so forth.

Openness from transparency of wages can be a system to build trust in all employees in the company. But it must always be remembered that transparency can also be a cause of internal conflict.

Utilizing this information disclosure depends on how each employee reacts to it, but in reality salary information is usually a company secret. This type of company might aim to protect the privacy of every employee.

At the place where I used to work, asking each other questions about salary is taboo and is not allowed. The main reason is because each person must have a different work time so it is natural to get bigger or smaller not to mention the position and the length of time he worked greatly affects.

The Application of Transparency Salary Builds Credibility
According to the results of several studies that the conditions of salary transparency can build the credibility of a company, the reason is because the employees inside are able to determine attitudes and focus on optimal career and productivity.

Openness about salaries also helps when employees need help from colleagues, employees with higher salaries means that they have made a large contribution and have understood their work. So that when asked for help he will be happy to give.

Studies conducted by huet-vaugh also get results that salary confidentiality can have a negative effect on employees and the company. The company will lose its superior employees if it maintains this code of ethics.

Actually, not transparent to the amount of salary has become an old-fashioned way in a company. In this day and age openness will produce a better impact, precisely because it is hidden employees will compare their salary with search results via the internet.

Of course, this will be very far and fatal, because the search results from the internet do not necessarily provide clear and valid data. Better information such as salary is given based on the place of origin, if compared with other companies, the calculation will be different again.

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