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Safety Tips for Deal via Classified Sites

Safety Tips for Deal via Classified Sites

Safety Tips for Deal via Classified Ads Sites

Although all the products and ads are posted on the classified site by real and honest users, yet, you can ignore the risk factors in dealings. We strongly recommend taking care of all the safety precautions before making any kind of deal via our site.

The safety of our users is the priority to our team, and that’s why we don’t allow any kind of scam or fraud posting on our classified platform. We are not responsible for any sort of transaction made for the goods and services on our site. To make the buying and selling experience better and safer for our customers, here are some safety tips that you need to practice.

Use a Safe Location to meet the seller

Most of the products need to be checked by the buyers for the assurance of the quality. To inspect the product for any possible issue or damage, the seller and buyer need to make an effort. The buyer can fix a meeting with a seller to inspect the product.

While picking up a location for the meeting, make sure that you pick the site. Always prefer to meet in daylight and choose a busy street or restaurant. You need to avoid sitting on the seller’s address or home. While meeting with the seller, make sure that:

  • You are meeting in the daylight
  • Don’t agree with the meeting on seller’s address or home
  • Try to meet in a busy street, market or any populated place
  • You can take someone with you

You don’t need to worry about these things as it does not happen a lot but taking the precautionary step is always a good strategy.

Avoid Cash Transactions

Instead of making any kind of online transaction, prefer paying cash on delivery or while meeting with the seller. The best strategy is to work only in cash. You can pay cash to the seller once you have collected the product. For the sellers, if the buyer asks for the payment via bank transaction, make sure that you have assurance from the bank. Most of the online applications work on instant transactions, but if it is taking too late, you can contact the relevant bank for further details of the transaction.

The best approach for buying and selling through classified ads is to make payments face to face with cash. Online payment delay can cause inconvenience so try to avoid cash transactions.

Beware of Unrealistic Offer

No one is going to sell a thousand dollar bike or electronic item for $50. If you think that something is too good to be true, then it is probably a scam. Most of the scammers use unrealistic offers to attract more and more clients. They can even ask you to send some money before the original payment just to see your interest in the offer, but these are all fraud and Ponzi schemes.

Always go for legitimate and authentic ads with realistic offers and pricing. If something is too cheap and does not seem realistic offer, always do proper research about the offer and the product’s originality.

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