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Relationship of Payroll and Performance of Employees

Relationship of Payroll and Performance of Employees

Relationship of Payroll and Performance of Employees

Talking about payroll and performance provided by employees does have a synergy that is interconnected. Facts prove that the greater the salary received by employees the performance will be very good. The main purpose of working is to get a large salary to meet the needs of life and the future.

So that a stable and high payroll can make employees do their activities well, the standard of eligibility of the company can also be assessed based on how they payroll their employees.

If it is below the standard given by the local government, it is not surprising that all the employees in it always work with poor performance. By providing a decent salary the company will make the work environment more productive.

Indeed the relationship between payroll and performance is very bound to one another, this can be a solution if there is a decline in employee performance. It could be the cause because the payroll is not smooth or there is a lack of payment, giving a little more money as a sign of appreciation in the payroll will have a big impact.

Employee Performance Through Payroll

If someone states that working is not just a matter of money it’s all a lie, just prove that if the salary drops or is delayed surely the work performance will decrease. For this reason, the payroll calculation must be very careful so that no errors occur that affect the employees.

Once the wrong calculation occurs, the company will be affected, the most common example of an effect is a complaint from an employee. If these complaints are not given a solution as soon as possible then prepare to lose employees.

Every worker will always try to do all the work even though it is hard because payroll with performance becomes their main spirit. There are many reasons for an employee who has worked for years never to switch companies.

Not because he loves his work but the payroll he gets is always big and good. If every month there is a smooth payroll payment and there is always an increase in the number, indirectly the employee will be comfortable in the company.

No matter how hard the work is given if the payment is worth it will not be felt. The proof is that there are many people who are willing to do extreme work such as stuntman, PLN reparation employee. As if they were not afraid to die for the sake of pursuing money, of course these workers are still pursuing their share because the fees they get are huge.

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