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Paid Leave for Employees

Paid Leave for Employees

Paid Leave for Employees

Leave is part of the rights that must be obtained by an employee. The company’s obligation to provide paid leave to its employees within a certain period of time and must always be there every year. This type of leave is where employees do not come to work but still get paid for loyalty compensation.

The term of this leave is 12 working days, of course there are other policies in the company for example the granting of leave can be taken several times. Because it is impossible for employees to be absent for 12 consecutive days, usually the maximum take of these leave allowances is between 3 to 4 consecutive days.

Provision of paid leave can be taken by employees who have dedicated themselves for 6 years and applies multiples. Then there are other provisions such as after passing the 6th year employees can apply for leave for one full month as an award.

But the fee for compensation is that employees cannot take time off for the next 2 years. Leave is a means to improve mood and mind so that it returns fresh and ready to work, because various problems in the work always make everyone stressed and sometimes tortured, for that leave is needed to restore mental health.

The Meaning of Paid Leave

The law stipulates that giving leave is part of the right that must be given to employees. According to law number 13 of 2003 that employees who have worked even 12 months can get annual leave.

The number of annual leave he can take is 12 days, if it turns out the employee wants leave but not even 1 year. Then the company allows it, the company will deduct the employee’s salary according to the number of days he is on leave or pro rata.

There are many types of paid leave, including married leave, maternity leave, state leave and important leave. Some of the leave will all be paid for by the company, so even if you are at home you can still make money.

This leave must be submitted in advance in order to be paid by the company. Because the company also needs to pay attention to the composition of workers in the field if there is someone who takes time off, there must be a replacement. It aims to keep production running and reduce losses due to cessation of production.

How important is paid leave for employees? Of course, it will be very important, because employees also must have their own personal lives, and it is not possible for all of his life to be spent working.

He also needs time with his family and do his hobbies, also when this time is not fulfilled, the employee will be vulnerable to stress and productivity when working decreases. Employees will pile up the workload without being able to feel relaxed with the family.

Implementation of Paid Leave
After knowing that many paid leave you can take, the employee must know the amount of money paid per day when on leave. Next, we will explain a little about the progress of this leave.

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