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Listen carefully, Business Analyst

Listen carefully, Business Analyst

Not everyone can be a good and careful listener, often when someone explains that there will be boredom and our minds distracted. For BA this should not happen, because the information obtained must be reprocessed into a document as an important report to the company.

If the business analyst function begins to decline due to a lack of careful listening, the information obtained will not be good. Variations in the delivery of each person will also be different, sometimes when a long-winded delivery must be heard until the end.

So that the information obtained is very detailed and can produce decisions. BA may not conclude based on the shot but must be based on the research he obtained. Then the information must be redesigned before being submitted.

Business Process Expert

Because the business analyst functions as an initial draft maker, he must have good modeling skills. Modeling here is to design a business sekma that occurs or will occur. So the thinking that BA has must be very open to every possibility that will and has already happened.

BA must always have a fresh and conscientious thought; this is very necessary to design the best conditions for the company. Business processes are very useful when they are working on tasks such as rational rose, modeler ideas, and vision.

What is a rational rose? A rational rose is a visual tool that can help in designing analysis and systems. These tools are needed by BA to get the best system planning for the company.

Then what are modeler ideas? Ideas modeler is a software for making diagrams needed when trying to present the results of work done by BA. Inside this device contains various important cases needed by BA.

Finally, what is the vision? Not unlike the ideas of the modeler, vision is also useful for producing diagrams to present the results of BA research. Why does it have to be a diagram? this returns to the explanation that the image can provide a more understanding to the audience.

An artist once said that a picture holds a million meanings even with this diagram. the business analyst’s function is to present a diagram of the results of the study in order to provide a detailed explanation of cases occurring in the field.


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