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Leave For Important Affairs

Leave For Important Affairs

In this category, it is usually associated with family matters such as marriage, circumcision, baptism, miscarriage and some family members who die. The daily salary will be paid in full and the period is adjusted to the reason for taking time off.

Married at most get 3 days to leave, then baptize and also give birth and miscarriage 2 days. Dead family members are only given 1 working day if more than that there will be a pro-rata policy.

Taking sick leave

Types of paid leave for reasons of illness, you can get paid in full according to the illness. The company will provide 100% salary for the first 4 months, if it is still ongoing for 3 times 4 months, then it will be forced to lay off.

And every 4 months there will be a 25% reduction from the initial amount of 100%. This sick leave policy is for employees who really suffer from severe illness or accidents due to carrying out their duties while in the company and other types of accidents.

For women who experience menstruation can also take sick leave, with a maximum payment of 2 working days. This is to respect the situation of women who experience menstruation every month.

Leave Due to Pregnancy and Childbirth

The total amount of paid leave that can be taken for this reason is 3 months with the scheme, 1.5 months before giving birth and 1.5 more for after giving birth. Employees who take this leave for 3 months’ salary will still be paid in full.

Plus all the benefits he had received, then there was an increase in the value of the salary because the child he had just given birth to. The allowance is to increase the welfare of the mother and her family, in order to get a more decent future life.

But every company certainly has its own policy in arranging paid leave for its employees. The explanation above is in general terms that will be obtained from each leave while still getting paid from the company.

In addition to the Unpaid Paid Leave Policy
This type of leave is called unpaid leave. Only employees who have served for 2 years of new work can enjoy this type of leave. But not many companies also provide unpaid leave to employees with a service period of less than 2 years.

Usually, this type of leave is applied for further education through scholarships, visiting and others. Employees can get unpaid leave by submitting prior permission to the relevant parties.

The main risk of this leave is not getting paid and the worst is that there is a possibility that the company will reject the employee when he returns to work. Because unpaid leave is a type of leave that is not really officially owned by an employee.

Be wise in using your leave rights should not be a reason not to return to work, because sometimes taking too long to take leave will also make you lazy. For HR to calculate and report on leave and absence will be very confusing.

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