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Implementing Salary Transparency Is an Age Development

Implementing Salary Transparency Is an Age Development

Easy access to all information forces changes in various values ​​in life, including while at work. It is human nature to be always dissatisfied with what one has.

Then humans also have a habit of being curious about other people’s business, the reason can lead to good and bad things. The difference in salary can be a hard slap to work better and get it.

If someone cannot access information such as salary, various negative feelings such as hate, envy, and envy will arise. A solution to avoid various traits that infect your employees to do salary transparency as a means of settlement.

The company should build an information network that can be accessed by every employee in order to find out the amount of his individual salary. So that later when they find differences, they can discuss what is lacking and fix it.

This network has also been implemented in several large companies with good results. An example is when employee A turns out to know that his salary is lower than B, but their position is the same.

Of course, the question will arise in employee A why my income is different. Next, he will consult with employee B on how to get the same salary amount, in the end, employee A will improve his productivity to match B.

Reality in Business

The fact for shareholders is to employ the highest quality human resources but the lowest possible pay in order to get abundant profits. This sometimes triggers thoughts of injustice for employees and makes them leave.

Doing salary transparency can eliminate this kind of thinking within the company, employees will understand that the wages provided are indeed equivalent to their hard work. The trust of employees will produce the best products and services for the development of the company.

Because to be able to move the company can not only rely on one or two employees, all individuals in the company must be one tone in step. If there are various dissatisfaction, this will greatly disturb its development.

Classifying employee salaries as company secrets is a very old-fashioned attitude and is no longer appropriate at this time. Because there are many ways to be able to get that information in the present.

It is better for employees to get clarity about all information about the company including the salary of each employee who works. Instead, he must compare with salaries in other companies which will result in loss of trust in his work.

In addition to building a network, there are still many ways

Building a network to access salary scale information is one way for transparency, but there are other easier ways. Namely by taking the time to share various problems experienced by the company.

The agenda in sharing also discussed the salary amount of each employee and what was needed to get it. If necessary, as proof, also include a salary slip so that the information provided is more reliable.

At the time of sharing also related employees who feel disadvantaged because they get a smaller salary can get motivated so that their wages are more reasonable. This open sharing can avoid jealousy towards fellow colleagues because of different salary issues.

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