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How to Save Fuel when Driving?

How to Save Fuel when Driving?

How to Save Fuel when Driving?

Increasing fuel prices are the primary concern of vehicle owners. Everyone wants maximum fuel efficiency when driving his car, but how can someone make that happen? How can you save fuel when driving?

New cars have fuel-saving features that can help you get maximum efficiency. What if you have an older car that is not well-optimized? Well, here are top tips by experts that can help you to save fuel when driving. These fuel-saving tips are fundamental, but the results can be shocking.

Accelerate Gently

Pedal to the metal is not the right thing to do when you want to save fuel when driving. If you are pressing pedal like crazy at the green light, are you 18 years old teen? Relaxed and slow acceleration can save up to 10% fuel when driving.

Maintain Steady Speed

Don’t try to race any other vehicle. You need to understand that you are on a normal road, not a racing track. If you keep pressing the pedal again and again, how are you supposed to save fuel when driving?

Stay at a safe distance from the next vehicle and try to maintain a steady speed while traveling. Act like an adult and avoid unnecessary accelerations and decelerations.

Easy on the Brakes

Be gentle with the brakes and release the acceleration when you are about to stop. If you know that red light is coming ahead, release the acceleration sooner so you can quickly stop the vehicle without slamming the brakes. Don’t for immediate braking unless it is an emergency.

Use AC wisely

If the outside temperature is average, using the AC is going to consume fuel for no reason. If you want to save fuel up to 12%, use AC when needed. If the outside temperature is moderate, you don’t need to push the AC button right after sitting in the seat.

Stay Aerodynamics

Resistance can decrease fuel efficiency, and air resistance is an essential factor to consider when driving. If you are driving at high-speed; try to keep the windows closed. If you have a cargo compartment at the top, it can also increase the air resistance.


If you want to enjoy better fuel efficiency, make sure that you have a professional mechanic on your speed dial. Regular maintenance can really help to increase engine performance and fuel efficiency.

Use Quality Tyres

For economical and safe driving, having good and quality tires is really important. Your car solely depends upon the quality of tires, so make sure that you are investing in good tires.

Speed Bumps

Focus on the road signs, and if you know that speed bump is coming ahead, slow down your vehicle in advance instead of applying hard brakes at the very last moment.

Don’t Carry Dead Weight

Reduce the unnecessary weight from your car to boost fuel efficiency. If you are carrying 100kg dead weight in your car, it can reduce the fuel efficiency to 3%.

Final Verdict

You can easily save fuel while driving. You just need to follow these tricks and drive sensibly. You also need to know that manual transmission cars can offer better fuel efficiency

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  1. This was quite informative. I love the part about accelerating too quickly especially at robots. The aerodynamics i never paid attention but that’s pretty good tip. Thank you

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