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Get to know Salesforce CRM more closely, what and how

Get to know Salesforce CRM more closely, what and how

Lately, there are certainly many who have begun to hear about technology in the form of salesforce CRM that is widely used by leading companies. However, there are still many who actually do not understand what salesforce is and what is CRM? Are they the same system or not? So, what are the applications and what are the benefits of using CRM salesforce within the company?

Well, the emergence of a variety of questions like the above does require fairly complex answers. Not a few are still groping when they want to apply this system fully. Both in terms of technical obstacles and from the initial understanding of the system. If this is the same thought as you, then you should set aside a little time to read about CRM salesforce, including an explanation of what, how, and benefits.

About Salesforce
For those who are still unfamiliar with this, it should be known in advance that Salesforce is a form of company that works to provide technology so that it can be in accordance with the business needs of a company. The form is CRM software with a variety of tools to help the sales team. Besides using this system, it also helps the company to manage more effectively and efficiently. Starting from knowing all customer activities on the spot and doing in-depth analysis about it.

About CRM
The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) itself is a business strategy that combines processes, people and technology. Through the strategy adopted, the company can optimize sales, retain customers and get new customers. CRM itself also has several goals, including knowing as much as possible about customer needs and behavior,
maintaining customer relationships, reaching many areas within the company including sales, customer service, and marketing.

Salesforce CRM application
Salesforce CRM itself is an application created by Marc Benioff in Delaware, the United States in 1999. This application provides all the needs to manage sales and services that are integrated with the Cloud and has interesting features in the form of:

Sales Cloud: Aims to optimize sales, revenue, productivity, and visibility of a business.
Cloud Service: Useful as an effort to establish good relationships with customers.
Marketing Cloud: Work through social media to improve marketing.
Salesforce Platform and App Exchange: Focus on mobile and Real-Time social media on the right platform.
Salesforce Chatter: Helps the business process itself especially through social media.

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