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Enterprise Resource Planning Full Control of the Company

Have you ever heard of enterprise resource planning? ERP is an application that is able to facilitate all matters within the company. Usually, the use of ERP is useful for many things such as making purchases of raw materials, relationships with other companies to manage job desk workers.

ERP is the result of the development of MRP or material requirements planning. This application has been developing since the 1970s, the design of this software greatly optimizes all the needs needed by a company.

Only in the year 2000 can the use of enterprise resource planning or ERP be improved. In this year also the storage base began to be improved by using the cloud, this type of storage is very dependent on the internet, but the benefits are huge. Because the space provided is unlimited and can be accessed at any time.

The development of this application finally reached the stage where ERP became a software as a service or SaaS, so that its use has increased and is in great demand by many companies because of its low price and many benefits.

The Use of ERP in Various Industries

In the past, enterprise resource planning was only utilized by the manufacturing industry, because of the intense competition and market orders that are always booming in the use of ERP software will be very helpful in this industry.

The work system of manufacturing itself is very focused on machine work and indeed must reduce all costly actions. An example is data storage with the paper must be removed.

With the presence of ERP, it can be realized because the storage system that is owned by this software through the cloud and stored through digital. So that businesses do not need to pay more for data purposes.

Begins to Enter Many Types of Industries
In its development, enterprise resource planning is used in almost all industries. This is because the benefits received by users of this software will be very much, managing all the company’s needs will be easy with the use of this software.

The industries that most feel the positive impact of using ERP are food and bakery because they can order raw material for production more easily by using ERP. Whereas to design retail inventory will be greatly helped in its use.

Then the scheme of each employee’s work schedule will be very easily designed by the retail industry, this allows the head of the shop and staff to focus on other work that is needed. ERP development is very rapid in the past few decades.

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