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Don’t Be Afraid to Spend More Costs for Employees

Don’t Be Afraid to Spend More Costs for Employees

Giving gifts such as dining with the team or on a company vacation can sometimes be a moment that can build employee engagement within each employee. Reward or reward for their performance will be very meaningful, so don’t hesitate to pay more for this kind of need.

Large companies that have been known by the public at large have often done employee engagement across generations through this reward. So, no wonder their brand can be known and not lost eaten by age.

Then there are 3 types of employees in responding to employee engagement, you need to know in order to take immediate action. In the interest of the company and its progress, understanding these 3 types of employees in order to form a better work environment.

Not Feeling Comfortable Not Engaged

Workers in this type only do the job as best they can without releasing their passion. They only check-in and check out do not make more contributions to the company only limited to the work just finished.

Employees who are included in this type must get attention because if left unchecked, he will not last long in the company. Even routine can be seen if there are employees like this.

Usually not engaged employees will open up and change if they are invited to speak privately and give clear solutions to their dissatisfaction. The causes can vary but most often is due to differences in salary or work atmosphere.

Comfortable In Engaged Companies

This employee feels he has a company so that when they work they use passion, the results provided will also be very optimal. Getting employees with this type will indeed be a little difficult because it requires a work environment that supports one another.

Obviously engaged employees come from good employee engagement across generations. The difference in a company that has many engaged employees is that every day there will be a good thing because everyone in it is always thinking positive.

In psychology every thought you will come true whether it is good or bad so that if you always think negatively, then the bad reality will soon happen. Conversely, if all employees always expect the company to develop rapidly, it is only a matter of time for the development of the company.

Man is indeed unique, he is given reason to be able to make his own reality, as well as in the business world. Bad and good reality comes from your thoughts, if you don’t confuse all employees to always be comfortable and think positive then failure will always come.

Hate Actively Disengaged Jobs

If the barometer of danger may be employees in this type are red while comfortably green. This type of employee with a barometer is often closed and doesn’t want to share his bad experiences.

He hates work and time in the company, so he always hopes to be able to finish working hours faster. End your work hours faster not because you want maximum results but because of your dislike of work.

Employees actively disengaged is the impact of unsuccessful employee engagement across generations or even because it is not implemented. The loss is clearly going to greatly affect the company. It could be the product or branding that will deteriorate or even the company’s good name will be bad.

Workers who already hate their work must immediately get special attention, if it does not give effect to the change then the last action is the termination of employment. Because if left for a long time negative thoughts will spread to other employees, then other employees will emerge like that.

Appreciation of Work Results With Praise

Praise is indeed the smallest thing that can be done to increase employee engagement across generations. Through small appreciation, it can build a sense of comfort when working, after being comfortable giving trust, employees will work with their passion.

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