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Campus Hiring Application Strategy

Campus Hiring Application Strategy

Although it is very beneficial for each party, however, if it is not properly applied it will harm all parties. Because of this, if you want to do campus hiring, the following strategies can help you to get competent students according to your company’s needs.

Make a Campus List

Before you propose a campus hiring program, you must have a list of the campuses that you will work with. Aim for the campus that matches the program your company will run. Make sure if the campus has a major in accordance with what the company needs. That way, you will save more on the budget for this program.

Determine the Right Visit Schedule

After you offer cooperation, you certainly have to hold a presentation on the campus. This will not only convince the campus but also for students and graduates who attend. If you are not convincing, say your company has been devising for several months, universities and students will not be interested either.

Besides having to pay attention to what advantages will be offered, do not forget to determine the right time to visit. Do not let the time when you have prepared everything, it turns out you have the wrong time for example when the KKN is underway.

Use Alumni

The easiest way to promote is to use campus alumni especially if the alumni have achievements and work in your place. Students will be more easily impressed if given an overview of the university graduates directly. If likened, the alumni are older, students are fair and the company is an outsider.

The younger brother will listen more to what his brother is saying because he already knows it compared to outsiders who have just been met. Therefore, there is no harm in using alumni as promotional ambassadors for campus hiring.

Delightful Presentation

The first meeting was the most memorable thing. Because of this, to attract people, then you have to prepare something fun for example with an interesting presentation. Appoint people in your company who have interesting and cheerful personalities and if there are people who are easy to get close to others.

Interaction between companies, universities, and students will be a plus. For example, creating a shadow if working in your company is fun. So as much as possible prepare an interesting presentation.

Appropriate Description and Selection

When you convey what the company needs, convey the job description briefly and clearly. So that later, when the job application is displayed or announced, people who see will immediately know what is needed in your company.

After that, you must choose the right candidate and according to the criteria. You can use several methods in the selection, for example by using a cover letter.

Management of Campus Hiring Results

After the candidates are selected, HRD will then manage the data. In its management, if there are chosen enough people, it will certainly require a lot of time, which causes HRD to be unable to do other work. Because of this, you can use JojoTimes as your solution to help your work as HR.

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