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Airedale Terrier Dog Breed Information And Personality Traits

Airedale Terrier Dog Breed information and personality traits

Do you want to know about the Airedale Terrier Dog and looking to get valuable information about this versatile breed of dogs? If yes, then you are at the right point because here you will get amazing information about this class of dogs. The Airedale Terrier Dog is an intelligent and tough dog that can live and grow up with other dogs and can tolerate them also. It can have a good time with other fellow pets and children. Its behavior is quite flexible towards other pets, but sometimes it becomes a tough and hard dog. The ancestry history of the Airedale terrier traces back with many of the other terriers to the extinct black and tan terrier. This specific class of dogs was found in the 1800s near the area of the River Aire.

Breed information

The body weight of the male dog is 30 t0 35 kg, while the female dog is 25 to 30kg. The height of both male and female dog is 60 cm. This pet is mostly being bred for badger and otter hunting. The double coat, wiry, and hard coat are the versatile features of the dog hair. The color of this dog is mostly tan with black saddle. The energy level of the dog is very active and energetic along all other pets. However, the life expectancy of this dog is 10 to 13 years that is less among many others. The dog’s tendency to snore and drool is low comparatively, while its tendency to bark is higher. It needs more social attention and interaction as well. The AKC and UKC classification of the dog is Terrier. The overall grooming needs of the dog are high. The Airedale Terrier Dog is called as the “King of Terries” mainly due to their size and body compactness. These dogs mostly vary in length and height. The coloring of the Airedale Terrier Dog is black and tan, with a classic terrier coat of dense, harsh hair with a softer undercoat. The dogs look pretty with a grown out coat will look almost curly. The coat and color stay sharpest with hand stripping of the dead hair. The pet Airedales that are clipped may appear grey and tan.

Personality traits

The blend in the breed of the dog has made it a soft nature and kind dog. These are mostly tough dogs, but, they usually get better with other dogs and pets. The Airedales Terrier dogs are mostly tolerant of other pets they are raised with and generally get along well with children, though they can be a bit rambunctious for small children. They are very lovely towards other dogs and they need high human attention from other humans. They are very sociable and interactive towards human. They love children and other pets with which they are being grown up. They feel happy when they get attention from other dogs and this thing makes them versatile and valuable among others.

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