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  • Hot pink embalming powder from Germany,+2778751449
Date : March 20, 2020
Location :Sandton Sun, 5th Street, Sandhurst, Sandton, South Africa

Hot pink embalming powder from Germany, Mauritius ,Namibia, Zimbabwe ,Zambia, Spain, Italy, UK, India South Africa on sale +27787514495 price 

is exclusively manufactured by Hi zone Brands, Ltd. as a highly effective external embalming powder for controlling odors, preserving tissue and inhibiting mold and mildew. 100% active ingredients without any inert fillers. For use in Caskets, Mausoleums, Crypts, body bags, and wherever external embalming is necessary. +27787514495 Baby & Stillborn: We recommend placing the body in a bag with the Paul-ex Powder after carrying out regular cavity procedures. Put 1 or 2 jars (one to two pounds) of Paul-ex Powder in a small cloth bag, like a pillow case or similar size. This bag will contain the powder for easy handling, but will still allow the fumes and vapors to pass through to react with the tissues. Put this bag and the body within a plastic bag, a body pouch or casket and seal tightly. Keep in warm area to accelerate chemical activity and external embalming call or whats app



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